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설치 사례 / Case study

멀티 터치 솔루션 컴퍼니
​Multi touch Solution Company

 Multi-touch Solution consists of Multi touch sensor, Video display system & Contents.
 Infrared Sensor & PCT sensor, Optical camera sensors are normally used as Multi touch sensors.  Kage12 handles Infrared sensor manufacturer, IRMT from China & PCT sensor manufacturer, Displax from Portugal. Please check up the pages at each sensor.
 Display(monitor or panel) & operating PC are needed to set up display system. Normally Industrial panel(called DID, Digital Information Display) from Samsung & LG are widely used in Korea. Operating PC with graphic card is compulsory for using multi touch sensor & setting proper video performance & resolution. 
 Contents is very important resource for using multi touch screen as perfectly used for customer's purposes. Contents should collaborate with sensor & display system for best performance. So the idea, how to use this multi touch screen, is first step in developing the interactive system. Kage12 are suggesting how to develop the contents & also recommending the proper company which has ability to fulfill the demands of customer.
 Single monitor with Multi touch solution is widely used. But the demands of large size monitor or multiple displays with multi touch solution are getting increased. A change from single to multiple displays, makes new issues like as "large size sensor & sensor's performance", "Video graphic technology & high quality display resolution" & "multi touch contents & sources", even "How we build up the better system with those issues".
 Kage12 is the company to solve those issues for your best-performed multi-touch system.

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